22 november 2012

The five most difficult questions to answer as an ethics teacher?

Volgens Carl Miller:
  1. First, why should one act morally? 
  2. Second, how can one resolve contentious ethical disputes? 
  3. Third, how should one answer the student who espouses some form of relativism, or retreats under fire to the declaration that ethical statements reduce to mere matters of opinion
  4. Fourth, which of the numerous classical ethical theories should one use to make ethical decisions? 
  5. And fifth, what objectives should guide the design of an applied ethics course?
Heeft Miller gelijk of heeft hij belangrijke (maar lastige) vragen vergeten?

Miller,C., Review of Elliott, D., Ethics in the first person: a guide to teaching and learning practical ethics, in: Teaching Philosophy, Vol.32:4, December 2009, p. 421.

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